6 Month Agreement

Price Choices-
1) $2,000 a month -No commission
2) $1,500 a month -8% commision
Expense-$500 for each
4 -days the first month and the 3rd month 
The program
1) Live training twice for 4 days (First and third month)
2) Sales people send spreadsheet to Gary every day
3) Team meeting once a week
4) Team can e-mail Gary any time (Phone call if necessary)
Training (Gario's Sales System)
1) Create Marketing Plan
2) Create Sales Plan
3) Create Email and Phone Campaign
4) Create and learn to make a good Presentation
5) Create a good Proposal
6) How to Negotiate
7) Getting the Contract signed quickly
8) Sales Process
a) Database- Prospecting (Bird-Dogs)  
b) Interviewing (Probing- open and closed questions)
c) Need analysis (requirements)
d) Presentation (dialogue)
e) Negotiating - throughout the process with your proposal
f) Closing
g) Follow up skills
The Gario's sales system allows you to take baby steps. Every step has a goal, therefore everything we do we have a goal of why we are doing it. The next point is we measure our work and our success. To measure it is the best way to continue to improve it.
Then we check and improve our ratios
1) Interview to presentation
2) Presentation to proposal
3) Proposal to contract
The last one is the most important. Look at what you are currently doing for number 3. What is your current ratio from Proposal to contracts?
Maybe it is very low.
Our goals for 6 months
1) Train sales people
2) Create complete system
3) Create a pipeline of business for the rest of the year
4) Create new business now.
5) Increase all three ratios
I would be available to start training.
The sooner we start the sooner you will have more projects.